Sonoma Champagne Sabres, VII

Sonoma Champagne Sabres, VII

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Custom Order Assignment: Sonoma Champagne Sabres VII



Online Commercial Tabletop Product Photography  

3 Individual Products, custom retouch (layers)

@ $23.98e

$  71.94

2 Group Products, custom retouch (layers) @ $28.98e $ 57.96




Balance Due 


$ 129.90

Assignment: Create 5 Product Photos on a basic white tabletop to match previous product photo projects, cleaning the background and masking the product to float as desired (custom delivery of layered files).

Assignment Duration: ASAP.

Service Fee is Work for Hire and includes:

  • Product Photography services as specified.
  • Lighting Gear and White Tabletop Background.
  • Custom Retouching via LR & PS to include: colour correction, crop, brightness/exposure compensation, clarity/vibrancy and dust & scratch removal, clean background and mask product.
  • Delivery of images made of sabres as “ (Custom Order Online Cloud Delivery Only).”

Client shall pay the Photographer Balance Due on receipt of Images with Photographer’s invoice, which shall be dated as of the date of delivery of the Assignment.

The Client shall be responsible for and pay any sales tax due -- Sales Tax is due on Tangible Products only. Custom Order  Images delivered electronically (through interweb or via direct download off of the camera memory) are not required to be taxed. Should images be requested in tangible format (ie. on thumbdrive), client agrees to pay estimated sales tax of $ 12.02 for assignment.

Prior to Photographer’s commencing the Assignment, in order to hold the date exclusively for Client, Client shall pay Photographer the deposit shown on this invoice, which shall be applied against the total due and hold the desired date(s). Should the photographer require any rentals, special equipment or props prior to beginning the photoshoot these funds should come in the form of an advance of the shoot and may not be applied against the total due on delivery.

The deposit/advance is non-refundable.


Please see our Terms and Conditions under Custom Commercial Photography for further details.

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