COVID-19 | New Studio Protocols

Sweet Light Studios is re-opened for limited services!
What you need to know...

At Sweet Light Studios we take the Health and Safety of us and our clients seriously. With family members who would be considered compromised, we are very much working on avoiding contracting or spreading this Novel Corona-virus.

Sweet Light Studios is following the California State Industry Guidance for Limited Services and the Washington State Guidance for Photographers in considering our studios risk for transmission and in developing our Health and Safety Plan.  

Sweet Light Studios Covid-19 Prevention Plan Includes:

  • the photographer working independently and limiting personal activities and social bubbles to prevent spread
  • the photographer knowing the symptoms and being aware of how to prevent transmitting virus by frequent hand washing, mask wearing and limiting time in enclosed spaces with others to protect everyone

symptoms of covid-19 include cough and fever

  • all sessions are now booked & paid by online appointment, limiting the amount of people in the studio at one time and allowing for ample time to sanitize surfaces in between sessions 
  • all studio sessions will be individual sessions or with family members residing in the same household
  • the photographer will be rescheduling any sessions should she or the client display any symptoms within 24 hours of a confirmed session
  • should the photographer display symptoms She will close studio for 14 days & self quarantine to prevent the possibility of spread
  • prior to each photo session all studio door knobs, counter tops, stands and hard props will be wiped down with disinfecting cloths
  • just prior to a studio photo session the common area door knobs and restrooms touch points will be wiped down with disinfecting cloths (the photographer will not take responsibility for the cleanliness of common area touch surfaces - clients use at their own risk)
  • your photographer will wear gloves and mask at all times during your session and requires that you wear your mask when not being photographed

please wear a face mask help stop the spread

  • windows will be left open to encourage extra ventilation during photo sessions 
  • clients will now be given the option to opt-out of instant proofing and view all proof images online
  • should the session require a wardrobe change or personal makeup application, the photographer will step outside the studio during that time to limit exposure
  • all soft props that can not be sanitized will no longer be available

Tissues and hand sanitizer will be made available during all sessions.

Snacks and beverages are not available at this time, please bring your own if you must have something. 

As you can understand, there are no styling services available at this time.

A 6 foot distance will be maintained throughout your session.

be a hero, social distancing saves lives

By Order No. c19-11 Of The Health Officer of the County San Mateo on June 17th, 2020 with health and safety protocols in place.

follow local guidelines slow the spread of covid-19

A Note to Our Commercial Clients: All Online Commercial Product shipped to the studio for photos will be delayed 72 hours as your product sits safely in quarantine. 

As I said in the beginning, I take this pandemic seriously.

A copy of our studio's personal Health and Safety Protocol is available, feel free to ask if you have any questions.


Cute Signs Printed from Free Printable COVID-19 PDF Signs and Posters by Plum Grove.  You'll see them when you get here!