Options, Options, Options! Our Studio Options

So many options to frame your portraits!  



We have quite a few offerings to compliment your portraits, it's best to just put them all together on one page.  Lighting options as well, because every portrait is unique like you.  


Standard Headshots, Corporate or Professional Business Individual Sessions & Personal Branding Sessions in the South San Francisco Studio offer a choice of two backgrounds. 

Choose from casual white, formal black, lavender, gold, or brown.Contemporary Business Portraiture Background Selections


We can also create a casual high-key style white in the studio.


When we go On-Location we bring everything we need, therefore be certain to choose your favorite and let me know so I can bring it along!


This light, bright set up will energize your team and bring out the smile in everyone's eye!  We call it the Hi-Key Modern Business Portrait and on-location you can choose from White, Grey, or Black backgrounds.  Want that Modern look in the studio?  Any of our backgrounds show above can be swapped into this lighting set.


If you are working out of a smaller environment or having us set up in a convention or other fun space, consider our Traditional Style Business Portraiture.  This is a smaller, lightweight set we can bring along almost anywhere. 

Background options are seen below: Karl, Grey or Moss.  Of course, if you love the traditional lighting we can match that to just about any other background show above in the studio!

And, by the way, we photograph glamour sessions & families on these sets as well, bonus a fun flower wall gets added to the mix (you can have it for your business portrait if you really like)!

So, to clarify, we have a myriad of backgrounds to choose from:

  • Burl, Creme, Gold, Lavender or Flower Wall = In-Studio Only
  • Black, White, Grey, Karl, Grey or Moss = On-Location (or In-Studio)

And a few lighting styles to choose from:

  • Traditional (Side Umbrella Light, in-studio or on-location)
  • Modern (Overhead Light, in-studio or on-location)
  • High-Key (Overhead Light, in-studio or on-location)
  • Contemporary (Side Window Light, in-studio only)


We are also flexible, if you don't see a colour you like here, let us know and we'll try to match that for you!  BTW, if you want to have several members of your team photographed at different times, we can make sure everyone matches in the end.

A weak background is a deadly thing.

- Robert Henri


My goal is to work with you to create fantastic portraits that will empower you and help you feel you're represented in the best light!
Call today for a consultation on working together to create new portraits and let me help you “See Yourself in a New Light, in a Sweet Light”.

Wishing you a Sweet day!




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