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Found: So SF Yelp Reviews!

Hello, Friends,

Earlier this year (2022)  we closed the So SF Studio due to pandemic social distancing issues... what you may not have known behind the scenes is the fact that the building that housed our studio previously is now in the process of being demoed to make way for multi-unit dwellings & commercial units in the area.

Located near the Tanforan Shopping Centre, soon itself to be converted from a mall to a tech complex, Changes are afoot.
I’m sure in a few years it will be populated with urbanites riding bart and enjoying the cool fog, breezes. I will not miss the departing jets flying overhead during sessions.

Alas, with the move our beloved Yelp Page has been shuttered. Never mind that I submitted to Yelp that we have “moved” (yes, I called and they said it would be fixed on multiple occasions, yet here we are).  

Since it’s difficult to find us on Yelp at this time I thought I would collect the reviews here for your perusal.

To be clear, in the beginning, Sweet Light Studios never “joined” Yelp! One of my clients posted a review and suddenly there we were -- I even had to make an account to manage it!

Because they chose to “Close” my business in South San Francisco rather than move it, I have no ratings on the page at my new location... yet.


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
- Winston Churchill 


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 PS: There's one they almost left off, I don't know why?

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