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Sometimes you have time to do your own editing and sometimes you'd rather someone else did it for you. We got you covered.

Midsummer Greetings from the Product Photography Studios...
Hello, Friends!

As a photographer, Photoshop is one of my best friends.
It sees me through the dim times and helps to tone down the brightest of environments.
I use it to combat the rose coloured hue that I prefer to see the world through, and it is helpful to straighten my perspective.

It’s a complicated relationship -- one in which I have spent years building a rapport with. Honestly, it’s hard to keep up to date, which I why you may call me a traditionalist, as I have and choose to stick with my old tried-and-true CS6 disk and resisted joining the Creative Cloud plan that Adobe would have me on.

In my world, some companies have a whole graphics team that they rely on to create their packaging, marketing, maybe catalogues or web sites. They only need my photography services -- they make all the edits. They just want the images, nothing but the images, I leave them on a file when I go.  


emji chia pet product and packaging

Many more clients come to me with no editing or graphics departments. Some are even sole proprietors and do not have any departments at all, just a lot of hats. 

In either case, these clients may or may not have the time or the skills to knock out a background or add a drop shadow to their product images for themselves.

I embrace diversity in the world, and that's why I offer my product photo sessions with a range of options for retouching options to meet everyone's needs.

Your choices are:

  • none: no retouching, just the photos to go
  • standard: just the photos and please remove any dust and scratches
  • remove background: as above, with a pure white background cleared
  • add drop shadow: pure white background with a drop shadow added
  • custom: because sometimes you want the product to float on your own background, or no background at all


All product photography sessions at Sweet Light Studios come with these retouching options, and pricing to match. If you need to pinch some pennies this time, that’s okay, take the standard editing. 

If you're excited to make your first sale, let me strip your product to white and add a drop shadow for the quintessential Amazon presentation. 

If you'd like to have the product edited another way, or place on your personal background colour, we can do that too!


“God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Reinhold Niebuhr 


My goal is to work with you to create great product shots that will sell more products for you -- one at a time or all that you have!  

Call today for a consultation on working together to create your powerful new product image and let me help you “See Yourself in a New Light, in a Sweet Light”.

Wishing you a Sweet day!




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