No-Frills Family Studio Sessions

No-Frills Family Studio Sessions

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The next date for this special is September 5th, 2021, by appointment only.

At Sweet Light Studios we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have family photos to have and hold forever.  So, we offer an Economic No-Frills Family Session Day in the Studio Once a Month to ensure everyone can have a portrait session with us.

These Budget-Friendly Economy Sessions don't have all the bells & whistles that our Family Studio Sessions have, but we think the price makes it worth it for your annuals and milestone portraits!   Short 15-minute photo sessions for happy campers that are ready to go - we'll make all your photos on one background, individual and group photos too, in a quick session so you can get on with your day!  

Session Fee includes a 15-minute photo session in our studio on white background capturing 10-15 proof images with different prices for 1, 3, or All Images delivered electronically.  
Sessions Days are limited to the first Sunday of the Month by appointment only.  
Does not include retouching or makeup.  6 person limit with no pets, please.