Why not just use my cell phone to make my photos?
The best thing about cell phone cameras is that everyone has one and they are easy to use. They are great for quick snapshots for Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately the small sensor doesn't tend to capture large images in changeable lighting conditions very well.
We want to take your selfies a step further, ensuring everything will look fabulous and that the images can be enlarged to infinity and printed beautifully.

Uncle Joe has a nifty new camera just like yours, why not let him take my pictures?
Many novice and amateur photographers can take beautiful photographs every once in a while. It's often a matter of luck, if they take enough pictures a good one may come along. The main difference is that a professional photographer is going to capture many jaw dropping images in a short amount of time.
As professional photographers we have invested innumerous hours mastering lighting, studying posing, and creating compelling photographs. We capture marvelous expression and connection in beautiful images. Our high quality photographs are processed and delivered in a professional, timely manner.

I see the Mall Portrait Studio has a special on now -- why not let them make my portraits?
High Volume Portrait Studios offer a low cost solution through short sessions and high pressure sales. Their sessions typically last ten minutes or less. They also get great images every once in a while, if everyone is comfortable with having their picture taken and can bust out their award winning smiles on cue. There are many hidden charges associated with additional images and digital files.
At Sweet Light Studios we like to take at least a half hour for a session. We take the time you and your loved ones need to get comfortable and make fabulous images to fall in love with. Unlike volume studios we retouch every image and include the digital files with every purchase. No pressure, if you don't love your photographs you won't be obligated to buy!

Why not hire a "natural light" or "photo-journalistic" family photographer?
A professional photographer without a studio can take great pictures when the weather, lighting and posing is right. Unfortunately outside of the studio these things are much harder to control. Family photographs at the beach or in front of the Golden Gate Bridge can look great as long as the weather cooperates and the photographer can stop extra people from entering the frame.
Personally, I prefer to stay indoors & cozy in the studio where we have total control and no one is shivering. Should you truly desire to be photographed in your home or on your private estate we can travel to you to accommodate your needs, no problem.

My employee has a camera, why should I hire you instead?
In an effort to save money many employers will either attempt to take pictures themselves or have one of their employees do it for them. After all, saving the company money is just "good business". Because there is nothing more important than great images for increasing business and associated revenues, saving a little through sub-par photography can lead to a long term loss through decreased sales. So, when it comes to commercial photography, it's best to hire a professional.
At Sweet Light Studios we have spent over a decade eating, breathing and living in a working commercial photo studio. We have photographed just about everything including food, fine jewelry, matte finishes, reflective objects and and translucent containers. We duplicate set and lighting arrangements for returning clients, ensuring all imagery maintains established brand styles. We have arranged groups of 80 people for portraits and photographed celebrities, including Governor Schwarzenegger and Rapper Too $hort.
We provide consistent, crisp, clear images each and every time.

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