A Casual Contemporary Portrait Sitting  |  Family Studio Photography in So SF

A Casual Contemporary Portrait Sitting | Family Studio Photography in So SF

There is nothing more valuable than portraits of your family and loved ones.

Spring Greetings from the Family Portrait Studio...
Hello, Gorgeous!

Many of my clients are working mothers who, like me, appreciate value and service.  Because of this, I like to space studio sessions out throughout the day.  This ensures we have quality time together in order to create the portraits you most desire.

I don’t need to offer hour long sessions for families, but it’s my way of giving you better service — a service I know you value.  Family sessions with younger children often need a wee bit more time to get settled so we can make the experience fun for everyone.

The way I see it, if you are going to take extra time to prepare and bring your family to a studio for photographs, I believe you should be given the time you need (within reason) to make photos you truly love. When you come to the studio, you show how important your family is to you … in return, I want to ensure you feel your family is valued by me just as much — enough to make sessions designed to work for you.

This busy family enjoyed a quick headshot set before their session to cover all their needs!

Not everyone values the work of a studio portrait photographer, and I understand that.  I also know that not every milestone or event that families go through happen inside a studio, filled with perfect sweet light.  Consequently, many events are just memories. 

Often, treasured moments are left to be captured on the only camera handy these days, the iPhone!  And, that’s Okay!  Truth be told, it’s my favorite camera because it’s almost always along, in my purse or husband’s pocket…
Therefore, those really clever engineers have been inspired to improve the mobile cameras, so much so they give my pro-camera a challenge!

Because I know you use the most handy camera ever, making sure to not miss a milestone…
And since I know you want to know, I’ve dug this handy little blog-nugget up for you!
10 Quick Tips For Taking Magical iPhone Photos Of Children

In the studio, my approach is a little different…

Pre-Session Consultation

This consultation need not be long, in as little as 15 minutes on the phone we can create our plan of action together.  We will decided what style of session you would like and poses you have in mind. This is the time to tell me how you’d like to be photographed, with what backgrounds, the wardrobe you’d like to wear and any prop ideas you may have. In addition, we will review all the purchasing options the studio offers so everyone is on the same page.  Once you arrive at the studio we are ready to go!

At the Family Session

Having raised three lovely beings to adulthood, I understand the daily changing needs of babies, toddlers and school aged children (and their moods). Families value my flexibility…

I am happy to re-schedule if someone comes down ill, changes naptime or is just cranky. Whatever your family needs, I’m sure we can work it out!

The younger the family, the more casual our sessions end up.  However I always go into each session with a “shot list” or plan of poses we’ll go for. This is where our Pre-Session Consultation really helps!  


Family Session Viewings

If you have not paid in advance then your session fee is required on arrival at the studio for your Family Session.  For families on-the-go and by request, we will arrange for an online gallery of the proof images to be sent to you after our session.  From this gallery you can make your final image selections and order any additional portraits you or your family would like.


In the Studio, all images are made available directly after your session for viewing and selection on all Mini-Sessions.  If you still would like time to decide, we can arrange for an online gallery that you can share with family.

5 Tricks I Employ to Capture Portraits of Children in the Studio

  • Move quickly … once on set I do my best to pose and shoot fast
  • Engage with the Wee ones at Their Level … or lower
  • Use a soft sing songy voice, and offer positive directions
  • Ask a helper to stand with me at the camera to get babies to look & laugh
  • Tuck a cereal nugget into a cuff or sock for introspective portraits


Mostly, I just do what I was taught … and we capture some of the most magical portraits!
The good news is, we can always reschedule if needed and try again, no extra charge.

Sing Silly Songs … run around after them … shoot lots and lots & have fun!

Sue Bryce, master photographer and mentor, speaking on how to photograph children.


My goal is to work with you to create amazing family portraits & capture your loved ones to treasure forever!

Call today for a consultation on working together to create powerful new portraits and let me help you “See Yourself in a New Light, in a Sweet Light”.

Wishing you a Sweet day!



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