The Hi-Key Headshot: Your Location and Mine | Modern San Francisco Studio Photography

The Hi-Key Headshot: Your Location and Mine | Modern San Francisco Studio Photography

With small online profile images today it’s better to use headshot closeups that fill about 60% of the frame with your face with minimal background distractions.
Thus helping to make you more recognizable in those oh, so tiny circles and squares online.


Spring Greetings from the Headshot Studios
Hello, Gorgeous!

In a previous post on the headshot I wrote about the trend today in posting compelling profile images…
and that your profile photo is vital step to creating a lasting first impression.  I showed how professional photos make a better impression in online profiles than snapshots, mobile phone captures, or crops from group photos.

We get a lot of call for solid backgrounds for these headshot profile photos.  Some want crisp and clean on a white background, while others opt to go a bit more hip & edgy with their headshot on black. Then there are those who would rather a more formal or traditional “annual report” portrait on gray, such as the team Below.

Traditional Style Studio Headshot Business Professionals Executives

No matter what colour or texture you choose to feature in the background — consider it carefully because it will set the tone and style for your entire team. Your background selection will either support or distract from your company brand image.

In my opinion a studio headshot created with solid backgrounds make the best online profile photos because:

  • There is no clutter to compete with your face
  • The image adjusts easily to any orientation or crop
  • White Backgrounds generally blend in with most website backgrounds
  • Studio photos show professionalism and attention to detail
  • Photos made in the studio can easily be replicated to match existing team members
Hi-Key Headshot Corporate Executive Business Profiles
In business portraits, specifically for online profile use, I find that our white hi-key style (using a bright glamour style lighting to eliminate shadows and thus wrinkles) is requested most often for Corporate Professional Headshot style Profile Portraits.

Because this bright hi-key headshot set makes approachable, friendly, youthful  profile portraits it is perfect for About Us pages, LinkedIn Profiles, and Blog’s — simple, clean and modern.

When we bust out this set I get so happy seeing the portraits!  Bam, they just pop off the page!
I love the light in the eyes with this set up… to me it makes everyone look fresh, vibrant and joyful.
Hi-Key Headshot Corporate Executive Business Profiles
The really great news is, I can make this style of headshot almost anywhere!

Picture this if you will…

A studio set within your offices where I can photograph your entire team at your site with minimal interruption to your workforce, work goes on, clients stay happy.

Furthermore, I can create this same look in the studio, too! 
Which is super awesome when you have a new hire.  We can arrange sittings in the studio one by one as your staff grows!  

Hi-Key Headshot Corporate Executive Business Profiles New Hires

Of course there are different opinions concerning profile images, especially professional networking sites.  Some recruiters can get board with these solid white backgrounds and become excited when they find a witty or remarkably creative headshot included in a compelling bio.  

In case this isn’t your cup of tea, here are examples of some different approaches you might want to consider 10 Examples of Highly Impactful LinkedIn Profiles by KO Marketing.


Visibility creates opportunities.
Dan Schawbel, Author of Promote Yourself and Me 2.0

My goal is to work with you to create a headshot that gets you noticed!
Call today for a consultation on working together to create your powerful brand image.

Wishing you a Sweet day!

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