Mother & Daughter  |  New Product Offering  | Glamour Portraiture in South San Francisco

Mother & Daughter | New Product Offering | Glamour Portraiture in South San Francisco

Hello, Gorgeous!

Have you heard?  There’s a new product available in the studio…
Introducing Canvas Wraps!

With a focus on portraiture I’ve always been reluctant to add complex products to our featured items…
because a confused mind says “no”!
Albums are tedious to create, and more often than not in the SF Bay Area I’ve found my clients don’t display their portraits, rather preferring to treasure them as keepsakes, tucked away in their box on the shelf.

Because portraits purchased from Sweet Light Studios comes with a matching digital file, most of our clients are happy to use the hi-res digital files we provide for their personally designed invitations, holiday cards and reprints.

However, After more than a few requests we’ve decided to add Canvas Wraps to our ala carte offerings, here’s why…
– looks & lasts like old masters heirloom portraits
– stands off the wall & is sturdier than metallic print enlargements
– allows me to create portraits that will wrap well

Our current offerings of luminous metallic prints and enlargements will remain as I love the radiant glow every women exudes printed this way, I’m adding just this one style of product for enlargements and portrait sets…
with a tonne of design options, if you want to go there with me.
I like the standard 1-1/2″ Stretcher Frame Gallery Wrap with a paper backing, bumpers and a sawtooth hanger that comes in sizes from 5×7 to 40×60 (that’s inches, friends).There are also have dozens of options in collections of canvas clusters!

The thing I’ve learned about gallery wraps is that it is important  to know that you are photographing for a canvas wrap because of, well, the wrap!  If you get too close, there won’t be enough photo in the centre and fleshy bits will be cropped (wrapped) oddly, no one wants that!

Here’s a tip for the diy-er, if you’ve got a photo you want to have printed on a gallery wrap but it’s not “large enough”, ask the lab to print a solid colour on the wrap!

Our first client to opt for the Canvas Wraps was a gorgeous Mother Daughter Glamour Session…
she brought her Mum in — can you believe, they never had a photo session together before!  Ever!

Our stylist Teresa at is seasoned at treating mature skin and pampering our clients… it wasn’t long before both Mother and Daughter were ready for their closeups!

I love to photograph monochromatic scenes, so both girls decked out in black on the black background turned out to be the winning Mother Daughter portrait, which we enlarged to 16×20 on canvas!  The canvas texture really sets the portrait apart!

Of course, we had to make a profile portrait for LinkedIn 🙂


The selected a few other portraits for the family room, enlarged to 11×15, in canvas to match.

We love this new product, the quality and texture really make portraits stand apart…
starting at $5.25 per square inch our canvas wraps are an investment to last a lifetime.


How would you like to be photographed?
Call today and let’s brainstorm exciting new options!

Wishing you a beautiful day!


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