if you wait too long... |  #ExistInPhotos part2  | Legacy Portrait Artist in South San Francisco

if you wait too long… | #ExistInPhotos part2 | Legacy Portrait Artist in South San Francisco

Hello, Gorgeous!
Part two of  why we must #existinphotos

Last time I shared the story of missing photos of my Mum & I together in the photo album after her passing.  I know she was there whilst I grew up, but there is little evidence…It’s sad to have only a few photos of her to talk to when I need comfort, to or light a candle for in honour.  This post is a reminder, if you wait too long …
tomorrow just may not come.
Let me tell you a story of one of my dearest clients.

Last year, I was asked to volunteer a photo session for a very special woman who had battled and survived several rounds of cancer … a phenomenally strong woman who was being recognized for her strength as “Diva of the Year” from a local philanthropic organization, Heaven’s Door Cancer Foundation.

Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation Diva of the Year 2016 Erica Guzm

Heaven’s Door  is an amazing organization that hosts select cancer patients with “Spa Days” including pampering massage and allows for a deep relaxation to heal or facilitate a peaceful transition, among other things.  I was asked to provide a simple headshot for their publication.

After hearing dear Erica’s story via her best friend & makeup artist Ruby, knowing she had just been re-diagnosed, I felt called to “upgrade” our donation from a simple headshot session to a full blown glamour/family session.

And, so we arranged for her husband, daughter and son to arrive after her makeover & headshot session to make some family portraits.   I felt compelled, knowing that doctors had designated at some point in the near future dear Erica would be called Home and her children & family would need portraits to have and hold, cherish dearly.
Little did we know…

This family was so patient, allowing me to leave their work untouched while I went off to clear the estate of my recently departed Mother.  Saints, really, such a loving and close knit family, it was an honour and privilege to photograph them together … sadly, they had never invested in a family session to date, and the kids were teens!
So, this session truly was a gift to them, something they never considered before.

On my return, I diligently put together their beautiful folio … hand matting their portraits was so healing for me, as I knew this gift would be a blessing, something I had missed out on.

I even added a little extra, this gorgeous afterthought of a portrait I captured off the cuff…

Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation Diva of the Year 2016 Erica Guzm

Erica sits for a glamour portrait session with her loved ones. | Hair and Makeup by Ruby Envy | Lighting, sets and photography by Shelah Osbrink at Sweet Light Studios | www.sweetlightstudios.com | @inSweetLight | #sweetlightstudios #HDCF #divaoftheyear #HeavensDoorCancerFoundation #Survivor

Oh, they were so excited to receive the folio, nick of time really, they came to collect it Friday before Mother’s Day … the whole family turned up … they told me how they enjoyed the session, and shared how excited they were about the portraits as two were going to their Mum’s.   I so love chatting with my clients!  We talked about loss, we talked about blessings, we talked about family ties, we talked about love and unity.  Everyone was so pleased with the portraits … even Erica’s shy son said he enjoyed the session and loves the photos.  Wonderful, Wonderful!

And then, the hammer.  2 Days later He was Gone.  Heartbreaking.

Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation Diva of the Year 2016 Erica Guzm

She wrote me later saying that they had placed the images we created together around the living room for all to see, and Erica let me know the portraits of her and her husband were such a comfort to all the family who came calling to pay respects and that she still feels connected to him through these portraits.

And I recall … I was delivered with a talent to find beauty everywhere in just about anything… I follow divine inspiration and allow my God-Given talents to create heirloom portrait treasures of you & your loved ones to keep and hold and love, immortalized forever!

If you feel “too fat” to belong in a portrait, tell me and we will put your children in front of you!  If you feel “too ugly” to be in a portrait, let me know and bring your family along — we’ll get you all together in a delicious squishy hug that makes everyone beam with joy!  If you feel “too old” to be in a portrait, we can hire a makeup artist and I promise to soften those shadows around all those lines of experience.

Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation Diva of the Year 2016 Erica Guzm

Know this: it is my job to create the most amazing images that you’ve ever seen of yourself, that’s what I do, I’m a beauty photographer…

I promise I will create the most amazing images of you to date, let me Amaze You …
and if I don’t, If you truely do not care for  your portraits,  you don’t have to buy a thing 😉

Call today and let’s discuss your reasons for hiding, so we can come up with a solution to allow you to #existinphotos!

Wishing you a beautiful day!


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