Oops, I did it again! |  #ExistInPhotos part1  | Heirloom Portrait Artist in South San Francisco

Oops, I did it again! | #ExistInPhotos part1 | Heirloom Portrait Artist in South San Francisco

Hello, Gorgeous!

Oops, I did it again!  I forgot to #existinphotos

2016 was a long, slow year, and I’m so happy for this new year & possibilities…
for me, last year was filled with loss – devastating and life changing – so many friends and family transitioned in 2016…
Now that I am past the crippling sadness I look around and am reminded of why I started this portraiture studio and of my calling in life.


We lost my Mother in April of this year, so they say cleaning up of a parents estate is one of the most challenging burdens a child must endure.  Indeed.  It took some time, and more than a few trips to Arizona …  I found most fascinating the glimpse into the past from photo albums.  Albums I didn’t know she kept, images I never knew existed — ah, how youthful my Mum, Uncles and Aunties & friends looked once upon a time.   Along with the joy of new snapshots came the pain of realizing there are few and far between portraits of the two of us together.

And I am reminded… This is part of my calling, to help provide to others the opportunity to EXIST in your loved one’s life via portraits, pictures that you can be proud of and that everyone will treasure.

“One day your children will look for photographs of you when you’re gone…
What will they have?!?”

One of my mentors, Sue Bryce, explains why she started this movement and gave permission for us to embrace the hashtag…

“Exist in photographs for your children, yourself, and for the people who love you.”

What mistake did I make recently?  I forgot my own mantra … #existinphotos
Busily scurrying to create portraits for my eldest son and his family I neglected to put the camera on timer and get into the frame with them!  My son & daughter in-law said this was their first family portrait session since the wee-ones came along.  They are over the moon delighted with the results, heirloom portraits hanging on the walls depicting the joy of “new” sisters (blended family) and funny frames of the wee-ones being silly.  We captured tender moments as well, for posterity.

Everyone’s there, except Nana.  Ah, facepalm!
Nuts, I promise to do better next time!


I made certain to stop for an “us-ie” with my eldest grand at the Zoo last Holiday Season!



Right now, you are good enough to be loved by your children, by your Mum, your Poppa, your spouse … they love you and you love them, so much you’d probably never want to let them go, right?

Well, if you said YES, Now is the time…
So what if you’ve got an extra few pounds or your feeling down about where you are in your life.  Maybe you are not a spring chick anymore, so what!  Someone loves you, you owe it to them to stay with them forever.

Stay tuned, I learned another reason last year to make an appointment and  #existinphotos that I’ll share next!

Call today and let’s discuss your many reasons for being immortalized…

Wishing you a beautiful day!


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