Headshots, Headshots, Headshots!  | New Offerings in Corporate and Business Portraiture from Sweet Light Studios in South San Francisco and Beyond

Headshots, Headshots, Headshots! | New Offerings in Corporate and Business Portraiture from Sweet Light Studios in South San Francisco and Beyond

Hey, Friends!
So great to be back … Thanks for your interest in my work!

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Business and Corporate Head-shots lately, both on location and in the studio and I wanted to share with you the results of some of these recent sessions, like these fun sessions we did for a local women’s group for various events they were hosting.


We like to create head shots that really look like you  on your very best day, to showcase the brilliant individual you are online.  It’s super fun trying to get someone to crack up on set and capture an authentic smile!

Used most often for social media, Headshots are also popping up on dating profiles,  included in college applications and resumes, business rosters and club directories.

Much of the request I’ve been getting lately is from corporations working to establish their brand image with a consistent look and feel to the “About Us” and “Who We Are” pages on their web sites, like this!

In the past, a traditional headshot was a black and white photo that actors used to land jobs, some actors carried more than one headshot depicting various characters to submit depending on the role being cast.   Today actors headshots often come in colour and reveal the shoulders as well as some of the torso, most often taken in an outdoor environment.

To me, a headshot is all about the head and focuses attention on the eyes and the expression… so long as the hands are not competing for attention I consider the portrait to be a headshot, no matter how much of the torso is in the frame.

For a little extra fee I can bring the studio to you!  I love going on-site to corporations for “picture day” because everyone is usually at work and  from my angle it seems the least disruptive to a productive work day.  We can set up a little studio almost anywhere with free space, a power outlet or two, and bit of light — utilizing a conference room, lobby or storage area … even in a garage we can make Sweet Light that is consistent throughout the day and flattering!

Here are some options available for location sessions.


Our traditional set is the smallest, lightest and easiest studio-set to bring on location… in some instances we can even go cordless with this set up.
Group portrait and environmental portraits are also options with the traditional set.  These are the backgrounds we can bring on site, along with white and black (not shown) or we can use your environment if you desire.
Space requirements for this set up is 6 ft by 14 ft.


Our modern set (otherwise known as “hi-key” on white) is a little more complex and has an edgy feel to the images we produce with this set.  For this Modern Look  we offer solid backgrounds, Hi-Key White, Gray or Black out in the field.  In studio we feature a brown background as well.  At the time of writing a power connection is a requirement for location use.
Space requirements for this set up are 10 ft by 18 ft.

Our contemporary set is only available in studio and offers a natural window light feel, via a completely controllable studio flash.  The images produced on this set can be a bit more casual and relaxed in mood, or ramped-up to “take names boss like” professionalism with just a wardrobe change.  Often this casual brand image style business portrait will include the hands or torso and offers multiple angles & variety of selection.

In many cases we can mix and match to create a style that fits your personal brand …
Like these execs who loved the traditional look, but wanted a brighter gray background!


How would you like to be photographed?
Call today and let’s brainstorm exciting new options!

Wishing you a beautiful day!


Schedule a Corporate Headshot Session of your own at Sweet Light Studios in South San Francisco and  “See Yourself in a New Light, a sweet light”!
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