Sessions at Sweet Light Studios | Portrait Photography in So. SF

Sessions at Sweet Light Studios | Portrait Photography in So. SF

Hello Gorgeous!

“How do your sessions work?”
I get asked about the sessions I offer here at Sweet Light Studios a lot — about my services, pricing and how it all works…
I thought I’d just spell it all out here, where it’s easy to see when ever you decided you need to know ( don’t you love tech? this world wide web thing is fantastic)!

As a control freak, I like to be in control of all things in my world — lights, camera, wind, sun, clouds, temperature and rain — you get it, eh?
So, I primarily offer my Studio Portraiture Services in my little humble South San Francisco Studio.  I have a few simple “sets” and a fabulous ‘natural window light’ feeling flash I built that enables me to create glowing radiant portraits.  This is my preferred comfort zone.

I offer two kinds of portraiture sessions here in my studio:
* Mini / Profile Sessions = take about an hour, including shooting, on up to three backgrounds and image review.  Your session may take more or less time, depending on how quickly you choose your images, how much you like to chat and how cooperative other subjects in your party are.
Clients typically turn up ready to be photographed.
Session Prices start at $300 for up to 3 people and include 3-5×7 portraits.
5×7 portraits are only offered through these sessions, add-on’s $100 each.
Professional Business Head-Shots

* Makeover / Glamour Sessions = take up to 4 hours, including makeovers for up to 2 people and photographing on up to 4 backgrounds.  You session may take more or less time, depending on the level of styling desired, how much you like to chat and how cooperative other subjects in the party are.
Makeover Sessions are stylized sessions and include a pre-session consultation and post-shoot viewing session.
Session Prices start at $250 for up to 2 women; packages and ala carte pricing is available for portraits from these sessions.


The SERVICE I offer throughout these sessions is from my soul — I care about your image, so I will listen to you and work with you to make portraits that you will truly love for a lifetime, images your loved ones will cherish forever, your family will be proud to display.

No matter which session you feel is right for you, know that I will not rush you — some folks naturally need a little more time to warm up to the camera and my style of coaching.  Others take to my direction like fish to water!

Some people are very particular about their image or don’t feel very photogenic, if you are like this, know that I am happy to spend some extra time helping you achieve the Perfect Portrait to match your persona.

Not a quick decision maker?  No problem, I’ve run into this before…
After your session fee is paid I am happy to post a private gallery from which you can view the images and send to friends for feedback… just know that there are certain in-studio savings that are offered only once at your viewing, and galleries naturally have a short lifespan online.


Everything purchased from me is fully retouched in my style and then printed on a luminescent metallic paper… I love the glow and luminosity this paper gives to portraits — the strength is a lovely bonus, too as the coating helps these prints be more durable and resist fingerprints & smudges.  When you purchase a Folio Box, your metallic prints are hand mounted in black mattes, and come enclosed in a beautiful hand-made box — I know, everyone wants digitals these days — not a worry, you get both!  Share online and hang on the wall!  Best of both worlds.


Got a space or place you’re in love with?  I can also be persuaded to go on location creating corporate portraits, product shots, and group portraits… I have the best of time going on location and exploring our world, though schlepping all that gear comes at a cost.   You’ll need to know, I primarily shoot indoors, though, as you might have guessed, to be in complete control.   Pricing varies by location, please be in touch to commission a location session.


I am so happy and grateful to do what I love as work — life is such a gift, let’s share it with each other….
Looking forward to shooting with you soon!

Beauty beyond Perfection!
Schedule a transformational beauty portrait session of your own at Sweet Light Studios and See Yourself in a New Light!
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