Loved Ones | Family Portraiture at Sweet Light Studios in South San Francisco

Loved Ones | Family Portraiture at Sweet Light Studios in South San Francisco

Hello Gorgeous!

It’s that time of year again…
the winds grow chilly and the sacred dark of night lingers longer, pressing us in close, calling us to hearth and home, this time of year turns my thoughts to family, to loved ones…
this is the time of year I am reminded “There is Nothing more valuable than our Loved Ones”!
When our loved ones are not with us, nothing is more important then photographs of our loved ones!

Modern Glamour Beauty Portraiture - Family Style
I don’t have many photos of my Mother, save for a prom portrait and a few snapshots here and there.
And this leads me to wonder, where was she?
(BTW — I know my mother was there when I was growing up, looking through however there is not much evidence of it in my photo-box.)

As I look deeper into the box, I have trouble finding many photos of myself in the box either, though many many portraits of my children.

I was definitely there whilst my three were growing up…
however not much is in the box to show for my presence, save for a few family portraits when they were wee-little ones.

Transformational Beauty Portraiture - the family

There is no better gift than the gift of studio photography…
As narcissistic as it might seem, it’s vital for us to exist IN photographs for our children, not only so they KNOW we were there, but to give them the opportunity to FEEL our presence in their lives as well…
tangible proof of our existence, of loving them!


Some of my favorite photo session are Mother-Daughter sessions….
I am so blessed to have amazing clients — like this fabulous Mother & Daughter who are building their legacy with beautiful heirloom portraits together.  Nothing says “I Love You, I Want to Keep You Close Forever” like portraits.

Modern Glamour Beauty Portraiture - Family Style

This is the BEST time of year to create family portraits!
When your loved ones visit for the Holidays I invite you to come see me, bring your family, let’s take some time to create some heirloom portraits to last a lifetime — capture the essence of your loved ones to treasure forever!

I want to share your connection, I want to photograph relationships…
Your relationships!


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