Enthusiasm and Self-Acceptance | South San Francisco Beauty  Photographer

Enthusiasm and Self-Acceptance | South San Francisco Beauty Photographer

Hello Gorgeous…
I found this the other day, you may have seen it already, and that’s okay, it’s worth another look.

Jessica is having a really good day — one of those happy moments that just rock your world, I love these kinds of days!!!
Lately, I’ve been thinking of this little performance and Louise Hay.  Beautiful little Jessica is looking in the mirror when she calls out all the great things in her life, so this vid naturally made my thoughts turn to the mirror work that Louise encourages folks to do.

I meet so many women in this world, gorgeous lovely wondrous women, super-heros every day who can not see how beautiful they are…
(they say “I’m not very photogenic” or “I don’t photograph well”)
hiding from the camera so long myself, I understand — it’s about self-acceptance.
No matter if we see it or not, we are all beautiful in our own way, no matter if we can accept it or not.

Accepting yourself doesn’t mean you can’t change anything about yourself, it means recognizing who and what you are, and then making the most of it.  ~Unknown

Modern Glamour Beauty Portraiture
When hitting a particular low point in my past I found dear Louis’ writings on self love, healing and acceptance and started doing mirror work of my own along with daily affirmations.
I’ve seen a tremendous shift since starting mirror work myself — my low’s are not quite as low as in the past, and I have more and more days where I feel like Jessica in the morning.  I can even make selfie photos now!

All from looking in the mirror and saying to myself (come on, say along with me):
I love you __your name here__, I really really love you.
We are in this together, I want to get along…
You are my best friend, my constant companion and I enjoy living my life with you.
We have a good life together, and it will only get better and better…
I love you ____, I accept you exactly the way you are now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
We have wonderful adventures in front of us, and a life filled with love.
All the love in life starts within.
I love you ___, I really really love you.
Thank You for sharing this life with me.

Maybe I should add a little “I can do anything great!” to pep things up at the end, eh?


If you believe you are not photogenic, you are invited to my studio…
Sit with me a moment, and let me see the radiance that is within, tell me of your experience — your elation and your hardships endured, tell me the things that bring you joy and of your greatest accomplishments…
allow me to capture your beauty, then I will show it back to you with enthusiasm, that you might yourself see the luminescent spark of divine that we, outside see as beautiful.

If you believe you don’t look good in photographs, or have a loved one who says this, call me — tell me about it, I’d like to help turn that thought around…
’cause “I can make anyone look GREAT, yeah yeah yeah!”

I dare you to challenge me!

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(btw — did you look at that video on mirror work up there, that little link?  you should, deep stuff there! ♥, She