Cooking up some fun with Chef Jennifer | Personal Branding | SSF Head Shot Photographer

Cooking up some fun with Chef Jennifer | Personal Branding | SSF Head Shot Photographer

Hello Gorgeous…
We’ve been cooking up some fun in the studio lately — personal branding images with a twist, chef style.

Chef Jennifer came to the studio to create some meaty frames for use in her blog and website in the works.  We had a fabulous day dishing on the industry while she was in hair and makeup with the ever fabulous eco-makeup artist Terry Alabata, one of our favorite artists who’s ethics are in line with Jennifer’s desire to use only the freshest clean organic foods in her dishes.

Jennifer wanted a mix of whimsical poses mixed with a few standard head shots, so we stirred well and came up with a delicious selection for use on banners, blog posts, recipes and books.

This girl is On-It!  She goes on-site crafting amazing meals at your home using only the finest freshest ingredients, bringing along her favorite utensils — even cleans up afterwards, impressive!
And her recipes?  Sublime — that’s why they call her the Gastronomic Diva!

Jennifer was so well prepared she came to the studio with a few inspirational images as well as props to make sure we clearly saw her vision and created unique one of a kind branding images that capture Jennifer in sweet light.




Got ideas for your personal branding images?  Be sure to bring them along!
Looking forward to hosting your session, soon…


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