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Hello Beautiful…
When you wake up in the morning are you excited and filled with enthusiasm or apathetic and ready for a retreat?
What is it you are grateful for?  What get’s your blood pumping?

Every day when I wake the first thing I do is to check in on my Sweetie and give a little prayer of thanks that we are both alive and breathing, I then turn my attention and focus on all the many things to be grateful for, the good and the not so fun, because….


I live day by day with a couple of thoughts to guide me: the one above to remember my gratitude or risk loosing everything, ’cause I have felt that way before and managed to come back to my happy place!
The second guiding mantra I ask myself: “Is what you are doing right now serving your clients?”, because I am a business owner who wants to serve you, very well.



We all have our issues — little dramas that cause us to want to hide away, apathy won’t get us where we want to be…
what we focus on increases they say, it’s called the Law of Attraction, and we’ve all seen it in action.

Worrying often time brings about the exact thing you didn’t want to happen…
fretting makes matters worse, stewing in depression is just sad, letting anger take control and lash out at others leaves us alone.
Giving Thanks reminds us of all the good, Giving thanks for EVERYTHING, the good and the bad, reminds us that each experience is a lesson, an opportunity for growth.

Whoa!  Not saying I got this all dialed in yet, still a work in progress myself, as we all are in this sandbox of life…
Lately, I’ve come to rely on Gratitude to help get me out of any possible jam, a negative situation looming or thought process attracting what I don’t want into my life — to just stop a minute to remove oneself from the current negative attraction and give thanks Shifts Consciousness — Imagine if we all try this driving on The Bay Bridge, what a change!

IMG_5062I know, it’s hard, sometimes super duper challenging, to focus our thoughts on the positive, sometimes anger or frustration or apathy is so strong it feels overwhelming!  In those times, I  have these words I use, borrowed from Louise Hay, to get the ball rolling:
“I am so happy and grateful now that all is well, for I know that out of this situation only good will come.  Everything is working out for my/our/everyone’s highest good.”  Then I can focus on what I want to have happen:  Ask | Believe | Receive with Gratitude.

Sometimes it pays to just go for a walk and give thanks for your feet that carry you, the legs you stand upon, the arms you have to hug and the hands you have to hold, for life and breath and family.  Breath and be here in the moment… look around for life’s hidden little messages, seek out and share the blessings that pop up.

I’ll leave you with this…



No Regrets, just an Attitude of Gratitude….
See you soon!


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