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Hello Gorgeous!

We’ve had the most fabulous time making headshots at the studio this month– with so many fascinating folks coming in  launching their crafty and creative businesses a buzz is in the air!

We all need to set ourselves apart these days, a creative new Brand Identity photo session with us is just the ticket…
however, these sessions require a bit of forethought — it is so  disenchanting to hear “darn, I should have brought ____” in the studio, so let’s go over a few things any photographer wants to know when you come in for these sessions.
Before we go any further, here’s a link to an article I read recently on Inc. by Kevin Daum on the subject, in case you’re looking for further reading in threes.

First and ForemostPolished makes the Perfect First Impression!
Just like an interview, I believe we should always put our best foot forward and wear our best outfit.

Before coming to the studio take some time to steam out the wrinkles or have your garments pressed, cleaned and free of lint.  Hang your wardrobe up and bring to the studio your selections — it’s okay to have extra choices, we’ll help you edit.  At Sweet Light Studios, our Head Shot or Business Portrait Sessions are photographed on up to three sets, white, black and either gray or brown and we consider our background selection with you when we view the items you’ve brought to be photographed in.

I believe we should look in photographs the way we will present ourselves to our clients, customers or society… in regards to hairstyles, makeup as well as wardrobe.  We can help the ladies with lashes, lips and liner in the studio; gentlemen we have some pomade and shine blocking cream if you need on-hand.  If you wear makeup every day or your hair a certain way come along to the studio just like that.

Second’s EasyKeep it Simple, Sweetheart!
Monochromatic themes are easy on the eyes and focus attention to your face, eyes and that lovely smile — making an inviting first impression.   This is why we really like plain walls and simple backgrounds.

Clothes, grooming and props — simple and easy is my motto.  Leave the logos and the racy prints at home, bring along your best solid form fitting outfits possible.  No worries, we’ve got clips if all you’re ever seen in is a baggy chef’s smock 😉

Props?  Yes indeedie — props help to tell your story, but as before: less is more.  Try to think of just one thing that says it all…
for instance, a Sommelier is into wine, safe to say, no?  She’s brought her favorite bottle and wine glasses, and we got a fabulous frame, & I had a personal tasting!  So, yeah, Bring Your Props!  What set’s you apart?

If you can’t think of a prop, consider doing your own image search online for your profession and I’m sure you’ll get tonnes of ideas!
Bring along those links or send on to me, we’ll see about recreating a fresh version for you!

Third’s a Charm Practice, Practice, Practice!
Yeah, I said it — if you really want to nail your personal promo image, bring out your inner model, and become your own celebrity you’ve got to work it, baby.  Some of us don’t even like to look in the mirror, but this we must be able to do or risk goofy head shots that less than caring photographers might make you buy.  This is the biggest reason our Head Shot Sessions allow extra time, so those who haven’t practiced can have time warming up with my enthusiastic coaching.

I feel like the best images, self branding images or personal portraits always have a twinkle in the eye, the “smize” as Tyra would say…
I like to make portraits where the subject looks comfortably confident with a smile in the eye.

If you want to practice at home, watch this video by Peter Hurley, one of my favorite celebrity headshot photographers teach everyone “The Squinch”… 15 minutes of your life that can make you look good for anyone’s lens!  Enjoy…



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