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Hello Again, Gorgeous!
Getting back into the swing and happy to be so…
there have been some interesting happenings in my life, if you read my last post you’ll know where I’m coming from = embracing constant change and endless distractions (otherwise called “Life” right?).


I’ve taken up the brushes again…


I’ve taken up the brushes in one hand, camera in the other and jumped back in dabbling with some makeup whilst some sweet young ladies sat patiently for me… and the stories, oh my gosh, we all have stories to tell!

I love to listen as women open up and share joys & challenges and life changes, everything from switching careers to swapping countries to loosing bad relationships and obtaining dream opportunities…
wow, life is just so beautiful in the way things turn out.


Making portraits with women uplifts me; it’s so wonderful when a girl goes out with confidence and energy after a session in the studio — one of my favorite challenges is a woman who says to me “I don’t photograph well”, it becomes my mission to bring out her brilliance and then show her the amazing images we’ve made together….


Before and After


Before and After










Because, I am not like the other photographers — I do not believe I alone make a good picture of you alone, it takes a willingness for a person to bare your soul and sit quietly for a time, together WE make a portrait.  It is my desire to show you your brilliance, sometimes a little pampering can go a long ways towards a feeling of confidence that will project through the lens.


Before and After

Before & After

Before & After










Makeup or not, do it yourself, let me or we’ll call in a professional, every woman is beautiful and I believe we all must #existinportraits — for our families, for our friends, sometimes for our clients, mostly to remind ourselves we are precious, valued and to see ourselves in a sweet light.
I want to photograph you in the best light possible… for your family or your mate, for your business,  for your mom, or just maybe because you need a little glamour in your life — I promise, you are worth it!   Call today to schedule your own session…

See you soon!


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