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Hello Beautiful…
Change is a process.
Through this one human lifetime we each live many lives.

Close-Up Beauty Shot of Alexis

Think about it — we are born small, tiny dependent creatures and through time grow and change, through many “bodies” and experiences in a wondrous process.

I am not the innocent girl I was when I was 3.  Or the 9 year old struggling with math once upon a time.  No longer am I an awkward teen in a Milwaukee body brace.  I’ve grown up past being a teen mother and a gained strength being a single mother.  Of the many jobs I’ve held I’ve gone from store clerk to graphic designer, fast-food runner to owning my own business.
At home and away I’ve been a cook, a baker, magic maker…
and though I still carry many of these experiences inside, I consider them previous lives.
Once lived, long ago.
See, change happens — and we all know it’s happening to each one of us as we move through this life.

We all have our different sides, our facets, and our numerous experiences…
Even in photography I’ve explored and evolved.

I am not the same photographer I was when I started playing with digital photography in 1999 shooting landscapes and flowers…
nor am I the same as when I embraced the profession and started arduous studies in 2005, working with models and products and shooting for clients.  From enthusiast, to hobbyist to professional — I am a changed woman — I’ve grown, and now have empirical knowledge on how the camera lies and, better yet, how I can distort the camera’s lies to tell my own truth.

my trusted old d-70 Nikon Camera

The way I see it, everything has beauty — and I found my calling to seek out that beauty and share it with others.  Lucky Me!

Making portraits for other people is always tricky, because we all come with our own internal view of ourselves and at least some baggage about the way we look.  So, when an artist makes a portrait, there is some risk that the subject will not care for it, and I’ve seen this happen myself.

Long ago, in another time, my husband and I used to meet-up once a month with a group of photographers in a safe space to explore lighting and photographing models.  It was great because I was able to explore lighting techniques and photograph willing subjects every month for a couple of years.

When I say I noticed that there is risk for a subject not to like their photograph, it’s through this exact experience that I learned I have a special talent for making women look fabulous.  I could look at the images other photographers made with the exact same lighting set up, and the exact same subject, almost in the same place and time and see a difference — a world of difference — in our work, in our “eye”.

Through this experience I learned that through a photograph, a girl can change how she thinks about her appearance — she can be empowered by seeing what I see in her or crushed by an ill-flattering image hastily made.
Model Image from Mixer
This is when I learned that I love to make a portrait, a print, a tangible photograph, one that can help a girl to see herself in a new light.  One that will make her cry with delight, something that she will savor the rest of her life.  A still image she can hold in her hand and look at, one that makes her say to herself, “yeah, I am beautiful — just look here at this portrait!”.

Though I ventured off with other pursuits and studies in photography for a bit, with gratitude I was brought back onto my true path again just over a year ago.  Thanks to Sue Bryce, a wonderful photographer who cares enough to share her journey on CreativeLIVE.  And I owe so much thanks also to my husband,  who saw the spark within and empowered me to chase this dream of making the world a more beautiful place, one picture at a time.

Along the way I’ve learned
I LOVE working with women!
I love the frocks they bring in and playing dress up.  After years of studying and working in the industry, I am still fascinated by makeup, and the transformation it can make on any face or body!

I absolutely Love the Light in a Woman’s eyes and the confidence they exude after seeing just one frame in the back of the camera that I’ve captured.  From then on, the shoot belongs to us, together, we rock it — she knows I’ve got it and can let go.

And, I still love polishing that frame into stunning radiance for her to see, hold, touch and adore…
a remind her that she is beautiful, in every single stage of her life!
In a photograph, on the wall or on the desk, perhaps intimately tucked into a folio on the shelf.  A print is a photograph, a tangible thing that I want all my clients to have and love and treasure and share.

“If you don’t have a print, you only have 1’s and 0’s.”
folio box portrait productThis is why I create for all of my clients prints, this is Why I LOVE to make a portrait.

Come in and let me show you the radiance of YOU in one of our luminous prints…
Hope to see you in the studio soon!


May you be happy.  May you be Healthy and Strong.
May you be Free from Suffering.

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