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Hello Beautiful,
Whew!  Thanksgiving is all cleaned up, by now you’ve eaten the last crumbs I’m sure (good for you!)…
Black Friday is done, and Cyber Monday has passed — this means the Holiday Shopping Season is in full swing and for many the holiday experience has just begun…
Did you get what you were hoping for over the long weekend?

This time of year I remember when my children were young — we were always rushing about October to January decorating, cooking special treats, spending time with friends, crafting and enjoying the “magic of the season”.  Don’t you just love seeing the wee-ones open wrapped Xmas gifts with a sparkle in their eye?    The joy a shiny new toy can bring to a child, absolutely fabulous!
Honestly, though, can I tell you a little secret?
I’m not a huge fan of “the holidays” so much anymore.

You see, in our house when I was growing up, times were often tight for us.  Though my Mum worked hard when I was little to ensure many magical Christmas memories for me, there was often a unpalatable sadness surrounding the season.   As I grew into a Mum myself, I worked extra, extra hard to give my children an even more fantastic memory of the holidays.  As an adult I understood that sadness from long ago — it came from scarcity, of coming up short, of there “not being enough”.

Every felt that way?

The Holidays being so full of giving seems to be getting ever more and more commercial;  more in this new millennium about “giving things” and less about “giving back”.

This weekend we will go to support Help Portrait  — giving back the best way I know how, through photography.  Help Portrait’s goal is simple: to find someone in need, make their picture, and GIVE it to them.
I’ve been asked before: Who needs pictures?
Anyone who wouldn’t normally have access to, or be able to afford professional photography, like —
the homeless
single parents (and their kids)
sick children
sick parents
the elderly
military vets
underprivileged families
your neighbor?

My husband really enjoys this day, he’ll be by my side helping out.
Last year was so gratifying, we helped so many people throughout the day at GLIDE Memorial
families who had NEVER had a portrait made before, and also many folks who had no current images of themselves due to their circumstances.  We were able to help provide not only printed portraits, but files on disc, that they could send home to their families as gift, many of whom they haven’t been with in some time.

The most memorable experience of the day for me to me was in helping someone who turned up down on their luck & job-seeking.  We were able to create a new profile picture to be use on LinkedIn! Not only does Help Portrait give back by making portraits, but they have volunteers offering grooming & mini-makeovers for the portrait sittings, donations of frames for those shiny new portraits, and even a craft-area to occupy the kids as well!

I came across this little video today & it spoke to me of the power of transformations, the opportunity to see someone in a new light, to help someone in need get back on the road to productivity.
Two minutes of Empowering Transformation, see what a difference a makeover can do (grab a tissue):

You can help support someone today…
donate, act, volunteer.

Be the Change you wish to see in the world!

With Love & Gratitude…
Beauty beyond Perfection!
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