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Hello Beautiful,
So, Turkey Day is coming up…
time for family, fun and feasting right?  Can hardly wait!

Know what?
Everyone these days  has a camera, it’s true…
most keep theirs handy in their pockets — Genius!
Came across the Inside Scoop , a great article on Tips for Taking Good Photos of your Food on your iPhone — Wanted to share, cause you know, I care!

Since, you’re gonna be snaping those frames, here’s your chance to be the envy of your family and friends when you post your sumptuous looking dinner pics on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!  How sweet is that?

Lights,  Camera,  Action!

But, in all honestly, we know  the camera lies 😉
Truly, food photography is some of the hardest shooting I’ve ever done.  Being a perfectionist, it works out for me…

Here’s one of my favorite Food Stylists from the 80’s giving up some serious secrets to dressing up the “hero” for a great burger picture.

You may never look at a food ad the same way again!

Now, we’re pescetarian, so we will not be partaking in the Turkey Feast (more for you, my friend)…
Instead, our version would be cracking open crabs!  Plenty of drumsticks for us 🙂

I tend to keep the iPhone in my pocket, you see, my hands are always too busy & too messy to be making any good iPhone snaps!  You’re probably not going be seeing any FB pics of our dinner from Thanksgiving Day, we’ll be too busy playing with our food!

I’ll leave you with the reason our hands are too messy to make any good photos, a link to one of my favorite receipes for our favorite San Franciscan Treat from Sommer Collier and her blog A Spicy Perspective (YUM!).  She’s got some great pictures…

San Franciscan Cioppino | A Spicy Perspective

Abundance from the Sea, a great reason to Give Thanks!

Wishing you and yours a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday…
may abundance, gratitude and grace be with you throughout the year.

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