07/100 Strangers Project: Ed, Manager of the Woodside Store

The Seventh portrait in the series…
and I realised, I meet “strangers” all the time in the portrait studio, Lucky She!

Sometime back, my husband and I found ourselves taking a break from the work world and escaping the city winding through the back roads in our beautiful Bay Area.  We came across this lovely little spot — if you haven’t yet, I suggest checking it out.

The Woodside Country Store is a fully restored wooden structure in the County of San Mateo at the corner of Kings Mountain Road & Tripp Road.


Talk about Country Charm!

Fitting to be located on Tripp Road as the building was once used by Dr. Tripp as a general store, post office, and dental office back in the day — talk about multi-talented!


We talked about the excitement of the children that come from schools all around to spend the day and even had a chance to play with some olden’ day toys!

Today it is a museum with artifacts of the mid 1800’s period, displayed in a quaint manner to mimic the times including specimens of fashion and work related items…
it was really neat to meet the Manager, who gave us a mini-tour.

Thanks Ed for showing us around!

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