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 It’s that time of year again, the holidays are upon us!

Every year during the week after Veterans Day, I look back on my time working seasonally at the local volume portrait studio — musing that this is the one time of year that Mom’s across America are preparing to grudgingly sit for photographs with the family.  There’s just something about that date 😉

The annual “family portrait holiday card” is popular among those with large extended families, and for good reason.  When you can not be with your family, it’s nice to see their smiling faces in a portrait — a chance to watch the nieces, nephews, grand kids & families grow.  Love those that make the ornaments every year, hanging on the tree you can see the growth of a child.  What a blessing!

My favorite customers in the volume studio were the Italian Families.  Watching them come together in the studio – Sisters & Brothers, In-laws and kids, all happily preparing the family portrait to send back home to ‘Ma’ in the homeland.  The girls were always helping each other with their hair, makeup and grooming the kids.  The boys talked of football & watched the kids while the girls selected their favorite images. Touching, to say the least, the opportunity to be a part of, if just for an hour, their families and help them create memories to last a lifetime.

Here’s what I learned, working in such a high volume studio (we sometimes photographed 100+ families in a day!):
** Women want NEED to look good in pictures, it’s not just vanity – it’s their brand!
** Women won’t buy a photograph that they don’t feel is flattering to them.

I believe Women MUST be in Photographs for their Families!!!

I believe Women MUST be in Photographs for their Families!!!

Today’s women are often working women, they love their careers and their families — not necessarily in that order.  Holiday family portraits are often multi-tasked images, used in those expressive holiday cards, and also sent as gifts — matted & framed in the hallway or stretched on canvas for Grandma. These portraits are also put on desks and now days, proudly posted on Facebook for the world to see.

But here’s the thing – photos can be “forever” – immortalizing every flaw…
Mum has taken care of everyone else to ensure that the outfits are readied, Dad is groomed and children are washed.  Truth be told, Mum works hard for the family, but too often that leaves little time for her.

There are 3 things I absolutely adore about having my own “love-volume” studio:
1 – We offer makeovers right in the studio for picture perfect results!
(Dad can take the kids out to lunch or the playground while Mom is pampered)
2 – We take the time YOUR family needs to get gorgeous portraits that you love.
3 – We offer retouching!!! Flyaway hairs are not a bother, rashes, scratches and boo-boos on little faces disappear (it was so hard not being able to offer retouching in the volume studio, especially when I KNEW I could fix some of those little issues).

In the end, everyone will look fabulous, and you’ll have the best family photos ever!
Beauty Portraiture Test - Family (relationships)

People love that the iridescent portraits we sell come with a hi-res digital file, allowing our clients to post online, create and order a myriad of different and unique holiday gifts and cards and share with their friends all year long.

We’ve recently moved our studio to a new, larger space in So. San Francisco and are excited to welcome Women & their Families — large, small & just getting started — to enjoy our Contemporary Glamour Family portraiture experience!

Beauty Portraiture Test - Family (relationships)

Looking forward to shooting with you soon!

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