Contemporary Glamour Portraiture comes to So. San Francisco | Sweet Light Studios

Introducing | a New Studio Space for Empowering Transformational Portraiture
Including both Natural and Studio Lighting
Now Available for Couples & Family Sessions

Fabulous light, convenient to 101 & 280 – with parking!  A dream come true.SLS-FB-cover-pic-50

When we came to SF some 8+ years ago, we selected a Live/Work Loft to start out in…
The idea was we would be here a few years and the loft space would give us plenty of room to explore photography – and we did!  Products big and small, portraits, fashion, beauty, food, glamour, you name it, we shot it — we learned so much, acquired specialized gear for all manor of particular photography assignments, and I got my diploma.

“Living the dream” however became “Live-IN the dream”, not quite the same.
We are excited to announce that our new studio space is finally coming together…
it all happened so fast, and yet so slow as the wheels of progress move at the pace of each individual government office.  Ah, sigh, the quandary of the small business owner.

Truthfully, I was not in the least prepared to move the studio or the business a month ago.

Before and AfterIt all started when our good friend & makeup artist Johanna mentioned one warm day in September that she had found a new commercial space to host her Makeup|Jewelry|Accessories BusinessParis Styles” at.  I was so excited for her listening to all the exciting details of her new space, and then she went on to tell me about another amazing space with fantastic light that she looked at before settling on her unit…
& then my friend asked, wasn’t I looking for a larger space?

Huh? I asked “…for HOW MUCH, again?!?” and was shocked when the number she said actually matched my budget.
Truly, the Universe works mysteriously.

You see, I’ve been meditating on a new location that would fit our needs better – with parking, and natural light and easy access, but the market’s been priced high lately, and I’d not found anything to match, so had sort given lackluster attention to looking of late.

Suddenly it was here, and available – clearly time spins differently in the realm of formless substance (spirit, if you will)!  And there you go, next thing you know we’re testing the new space out & dancing sweet light…

So, the last month has been spent in earnest preparation moving our business to a new city and county.
Little details, like leases and forms and insurance and fire safety inspections New Business Inspections, swirled together with floor paint, hanging drapes and moving props & gear into the new space – and then moving things again, and around, and all-about, and once more to get it all just-right.


Persistence pays off, everything is coming together finally!  Checking off the list all those little things that must be done to open a professional photo studio and feeling so grown up! And “PRO”, for real 😉
We really can hardly wait to host you in our new space…

Looking forward to seeing you in the new studio soon!

Beauty beyond Perfection!
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