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Smitten with the poem Love After Love by Derek Walcott.
It wasn’t until just recently that the full weight of his classic poem hit me…
Having been introduced to it over a year ago by master photographer Sue Bryce in an online seminar, I fluffed it off, it hadn’t resonated — yet.

Fast forward a year and some later into my this new frontier of glamour beauty photography and WHAM, the words hit me.
Whenever I read this poem now, I am reduced to tears – it holds new meaning for me.
Modern Glamour Beauty Portraiture

You see, to me this bit of the poem speaks of the rejection and then acceptance of relationship with our-selves.

I’ve had some real challenging sessions lately…
the opportunity presented to create portraits of a few phenomenal women who have overcome so much and are currently in dramatic transitional stages of their lives.  Brilliant!
After our session, during the viewing, they looked at all the images we created together.  They told me how they loved the experience – the hair, the makeup, the photography, and that they had the most amazing time in the studio with us, they felt beautiful, empowered and excited…
BUT (oh so hard to hear!) they were not please with what they saw.
Instantly I knew my work with them is not done, I won’t be finished until they have a portrait they love!

And it’s okay, that may take some time, because I believe that these amazing women see the only the flaws…
they are not seeing what the rest of the world sees –  the love-light in their eyes, the smile that illuminates the page, the beauty within their courage and power — this glamour that they all embody for their families &  loved ones.

Truth is, I want the words in this poem to come true for these three women, and all women…
to me, these words speak of a possibility that in our lives we all will find ourselves, nourish our bodies, minds and souls – review and feast upon the wonderful life we have experienced so far – flaws and all!

Until then, I’ll just keep photographing them and wait for the day when they can appreciate the beauty they posses, right now.


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