05/100 Strangers Project: Cheryl & Gerd

This project is about getting out of my shell…
so I’ve set myself with the goal of going out in the world and making 100 portraits of people I’ve never met before – learning to overcome my shyness and initiate conversations and, hopefully, improve on my portrait photography skills.

This is Cheryl & Gerd. Cheryl is visiting Gerd, who lives in SF but hails from Germany.  I introduced myself to them on my morning walk and learned it’s Cheryl’s Birthday!  They came out to the park along the waterfront to watch the sunrise!

Happy Smiling People

Cheryl & Gerd – 05/100 Strangers Project

I was drawn to them as I was walking first because of Cheryl’s beaming smile I could see from down the path, and also the light was beautiful and soft, as the sun had not jet risen, they were reclined facing right at the sunrise! Happy Birthday Cheryl, thanks for letting me take a minute of time to make a picture!

At this point, having only approached my 5th stranger, I still feel very overwhelmed and nervous.  I find myself not thinking about the gear, chimping, and then fiddling about with my camera to get a correct exposure, as if I haven’t ever worked one before – eek! after all these years.
Looking forward to getting better at this!

The light was beautiful today…

sunrise on SF Bay

Dreamy Clouds

so grateful for another sunrise!

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